The Burning Crusade

  • After a nights reset, the party teleports back to the gnome city.
  • Due to a miscalculation, Only half the party makes it to the destination
  • They continue exploring, figuring that a wizard should be able to correct the teleport error by himself
  • entering a large chamber, the heroes find a huge blue-black portal glowing with eerie light.
  • the goblinoid mosters come through the portal and attack.
  • the heroes defeat the goblins, and venture to the other side of the portal, where they find the mysterious stranger from the cafe. “In accordance with the prophecy, the floodgate has opened, two worlds shall become one.” he says.
  • Corbie pokes him with a sword, and the stranger crumbles in to worms again, leaving only a robe behind.
  • The heroes summon an earth elemental to block the portal, before venturing through to the other side
  • On the other side, they survey the area, and find a massive black stone hive, with regular squareholes cut all over it. Goblins swarm from it, attacking a huge amoeba-like creature that is chowing down like an ant-eater on an ant hill.
  • the party chooses to explore away from the hive and amoeba
  • they follow a slither mark for about an hour before finding a gargantuan slimy, purple skinned worm.
  • the party defeats the worm, and heads back to Barred Rock to decide on a course of action.

Ten years have passed since Barred Rock became a booming frontier town.

  • Four heroes of some renown sit in a popular cafe in the town of barred rock.
  • A stranger dressed in ragged robes approaches, his face cloaked in shadows and says “The gods will destroy those who will destroy the gods. The old gods stir, and the end has already begun.”
  • Brunk punches him, and the stranger collapses into a pile of slimy orange worms, leaving only his robe behind
  • Cub approaches the group, informing them that a rag-tag group of gnomes has entered the town and went to the great hall
  • the party heads out and speaks to the gnomes, finding out that their city has been attacked
  • the heroes head toward the gnome city, teleporting to the nearest settlement, southamble
  • they find that the locals found a woman wandering sick in the woods to the south, near the gnome city. They advise the people to take her to Barred Rock for healing
  • After a brief walk, they locate the lumberjack who found the woman and question him. His information is not very useful.
  • they head into the gnome city, finding it deserted. as they get deeper in, they find bodies of gnomes. In the tavern, they find part of a gnome adventuring party still alive.
  • The gnomes claim to have killed one of their assailants, and take the heroes to the body. It’s a slimy, foul smelling, wide mouthed humanoid, the likes of witch noone has seen
  • the party heads towards the thickest concentration of dead gnomes, and comes on a dig site where the gnomes were expanding their city.
  • Following the digging, they find the missing members of the gnomish adventuring party. They are surrounded and being watched closely by the creatures.
  • the party defeats the creatures, and notes that the gnomes seem to be infected with the same disease as the woman from Southamble.
  • everyone teleports back to Barred Rock to cure the gnomes
Which witch is which?
  • Atascos sends his 13th son with the party, to learn the ways of those who are not Blackwing
  • On the way back to barred rock, the party runs into the bears and bear girl
  • she follows them to town, where they make a cave for the bear, and find the girl some clothes
  • Some time passes, the plans for the town start to come together, and a strange old woman appears in town
  • The old woman blinds Ulysses, knocks everyone else unconscious, and kidnaps the Bear Girl (Cub)
  • The heroes set out to rescue Cub, and find a small hut exactly where the old woman said it would be.
  • they kick in the door, and the woman and Cub dissapear
  • a poorly hidden secret door is found in the back of the cabin that leads to a hidden canyon
  • the party defeat two owlbears, a hag, and the witch and rescue Cub.
  • the witch was acting in what she thought was Cub’s best interest (and the witches also) based on what she had deciphered from an ancient prophesy found in the local ruins.
  • the party decides to take the witch back to Barred rock along with her prophesy
Spring Flock
  • The party finalizes plans for Barred Rock
  • Reichleu the merchant ‘volunteers’ to set up a port
  • The party sets out for the ‘Spring Flock’, 1 1/2 days north
  • Coming over the pass, they see a huge tent city in a huge mountain valley
  • They turn Second Son of Atascos over to the Kenku, he flees and is executed
  • the PC’s ask for a meeting to broker peace, are told that Atascos has that power, but only Blackwing may speek to Atascos
  • They speak with the high shaman, who says they need a gift in order to broker peace. He suggests * a statue in a local ruin.
  • the party faces the guardians of the tower, a pair of clay golems
  • after a while, the PC’s escape from a water powered elevator, and make their way up
  • The party defeats four elemental guardians, and open the door beyond
  • They find a statue of Black Marbel and Jade, in the likeness of a panther covered in vines. Frescos of death and rebirth cover the walls.
  • The go back the way they came, and trap another guardian under a stone bubble, recovering a miniature version of the statue.
  • The party makes its way back to the Spring Flock, some by air, some by stair.
Journey to Barred Rock
  • King bestows Earldom on PCs
  • Recruit settlers at 1gp each
  • Recruit guards/soldiers
  • Invite Lucilla to Barred Rock
  • Set out overland to Barred Rock
  • March a long way
  • Just before the mountains, a young man report a bear attack
  • bear “attack” is a girl living with bears
  • cover evidence of bears and girl and head into the mountains
  • at the pass, meet with Kenku raiders who had set an ambush
  • defeat the raiders, Roderick spoils their trap
  • capture their leader, charm him, and have him lead them to the Kenku’s “Spring Flock”
  • stop by barred rock, drop off settlers, put together Town Council,
  • Mason and Issa are already there
  • Dance a 5’ stone wall around the town
Showdown at the Abyssal Corral
  1. Rally the troops
  2. poison army’s supplies
  3. “Trap the soul” of Jarl Bruno
  4. trick the giants into coming up the coast
  5. hide the navy in the fog, bombard the giants when the army attacks
  6. battle against the giants is won! Roderick gives favors to the soldiers that stood with the party
  7. travel to the abyss, find the tower empty, full of dead guards and demons
  8. speak with the dead guard, find out Tome went through the “envy” gate
  9. go through the gate, find a world of lush green plants with a 2 hour day/night schedule
  10. find Tome with 8 books, performing a summoning ritual in the bottom of a lifeless pit
  11. Sal and the Cultist Inquisitor show up as undead
  12. Tome summons animals as the fight progresses, Sal and the Inquisitor are quickly dispatched
  13. as the last book is destroyed, the summoning ritual fails and Tome is destroyed and crumbles to dust
  14. The heroes return home to find that 10 months have passed since they left Port Langlin
  15. the town is surprised to see them, assuming they died stopping the summoning, but give the party a heroes welcome nonetheless.
Evacuation! Redux!
  • The party notices some of the giants filling their canteens from the lake before heading out
  • as morning breaks, the party notices a traveler headed into town
  • the traveler turns out to be Iiona, an acquaintance of saber’s from his wizard school days
  • the party heads back to the ore mill to search for the source of the undead
  • they find a pit, filled with debris and ash, Iiona crafts new handles for some shovels that were destroyed in the fire, and the party digs out the tunnel
  • they find another cultists cellar, complete with bookshelves, an altar, and black moss
  • in the alter they find two half-sphere shaped gems, and on the bookshelves they find snake books that bear a striking resemblance to the dragon books
  • the party collapses the cellar, and head back to the steam cave, where they find a codex made from the same material as the snake & dragon symbols.
  • the party decides to head back to Port Llanglin, heading out to the east
  • after an hour of travel, the tracks of the giants make it clear that they are also headed to port Llanglin
  • The party starts a forced march, hoping to get ahead of the giant army. thanks to a shortcut found by Roderick, they manage to get ahead
  • the party stumbles upon a group of outrunners, two giants and four wolves. They kill them and rescue a woman who was being carried off by the giants
  • the party continues on, and comes across a town. there are mostly women and children, and the party convinces them to flee
  • the party rigs the mill to explode, and many buildings to go up in flame, and set up a spike growth trap.
  • the party leaves town, leaving a skeleton with orders to drop a torch and light the traps when the giants show up
  • after more marching, the party catches the townsfolk at a river ford. there is also a roar, followed by an explosion in the distance behind them
  • Ambushed by wolves and a giant
  • wolf animated by Iiona
  • Counsel Meeting
  • Preparation
  • Teleportation
  • Swamp town ruined, devils escape
Burn, Redux
  • They make their way into the steam cave
  • a fireball comes out of the dark
  • they rush towards the fireball, see a naga
  • scalded, crazed townsfolk attack and try to shove them in the boiling water
  • they defeat the townsfolk and the naga, and capture and kill an inquisitor fighting with the townsfolk
  • head back to town, notice the ground rumbling
  • the town is empty, head back to their campsite
  • saber and roderick head into town to scout, discover all townsfolk have congregated in the old ore mill
  • ulysses and bladeclaw stay and attempt to interrogate sal, end up killing her with “killing pick”, putting arrow in the wound
  • saber and roderick return, they hear that sal made a run for it so they shot her
  • party heads into town to the mill
  • approching the mill, several specters fly out of the building
  • there is an explosion, black mold lands on the inside of the windows of the mill
  • saber sneaks inside, everyone else wedges the doors shut
  • undead of all kinds start pouring out of a secret hatch in the floor of the mill
  • saber sneaks out the back, the party notices an army of giants and winter wolves headed down the mountain
  • saber lights the building on fire, roderick rejams one of the doors, notices a zombie wearing a wood copy of the snake statue they found in the caves
  • the party runs into town, grabs their horses, and head up the mountainside, casting tiny hut to hide
  • the army descends upon the town, smashing buildings, zombies, and anything else they can find.
  • within an hour or two, the town is destroyed between the undead, the fire, and the army of giants.
  • the army of giants moves out to the east, onto the plains
Eaten by Wolves
  1. Continue out of the mountain for a half a day
  2. Come out of an old mine shaft, above mine tailings
  3. Roderick slides down the tailings
  4. Saber trips, slides down on his face, and causes an avalance that narrowly misses Roderick
  5. Ulysses slides down
  6. they spot a huge white wolf staring at them, then are attacked from behind by three more
  7. they defeat the wolves
  8. roderick heads up the mountain to figure out where they are, saber cooks wolves, Ulysses inspects the cloak sal had
  9. they set up camp
  10. more wolves show up, they attack and kill them
  11. they head down the mountain and into a small town with lots of geothermal activity
  12. the townsfolk are unfriendly, they seek out a craftsman to make cloaks from wolf pelts
  13. they buy horses, and explore the town looking for work
  14. on the lake shore, they find a familiar black mold
  15. the next day, they look for the source of the lake
  16. a cave belching steam feeds the lake, they make their way in
  17. exploring the cave, they find a statuette of a snake-person made of dragon relic material
  18. they find a boat in order to bypass a scalding underground lake
  19. they come upon a strange cavern with boxes and an alter
  20. they cast tiny hut to protect themselves from the steam

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