Silayadrin the Stout

Tall, slim (but "Stout" for an elf), mithral chain shirt, longbow, potions, bottles, and elixirs at the ready. Silver hair, emerald green eyes.


STR 10 DEX 20 CON 12 INT 20 WIS 12 CHA 10

Class/Levels: Alchemist /12

AC: 26 [or 28] = 10 (base) +7 (armor) +2 (shield/ring of force shield) +5 (DEX mod) +1 (deflection/ring of protection) +1 (Dodge feat). [Add +2 natural armor if under mutagen effect]

Base Attack Bonus: +9/+4

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Throw Anything, Brew Potion, Precise Shot, Dodge, Mobility, Shot on the Run, Rapid Shot

Special Qualities: poison immunity (alchemist class ability), see elf racial traits

Special Abilities: Swift poisoning (may apply poison to weapon as a swift action), swift alchemy (may create alchemical items in 1/2 normal time), infusion (others can drink and take advantage of alchemist’s infusions. Normal: Only the alchemist can drink his own infusions)

Weapons: +1 Merciful Longbow (+15/+10), or (+13/+13/+8) Rapid Shot. Add +1 for Point Blank Shot. damage: 1d8 + 1 (or +2 for Point Blank Shot) + 1d6 nonlethal damage. +1 Thundering Rapier (+10/+5)

Bombs (+16/+11), or (+14/+14/+9) Rapid Shot. Always Point Blank Shot (max range = 20')
       * Standard Bomb *   5-ft radius splash. Damage is FIRE type.
    Primary Target Damage: 6d6 + 5 (INT mod) + 1 (Point Blank Shot)
     Splash Target Damage: 6 + 5 (INT mod),  5-ft radius around primary target
      * Explosive Bomb * 10-ft radius splash. Damage is FIRE type.
    Primary Target Damage: 6d6 + 5 (INT mod) + 1 (Point Blank Shot)
                           Next round, primary target catches fire, taking 1d6 fire damage each 
                           round, follows rule for catching fire with alchemists' fire, only
                           Reflex save is higher (DC 21 = 10 + 1/2 class lvl + INT mod).      
     Splash Target Damage: 6 + 5 (INT mod), 10-ft radius around primary target
          * Smoke Bomb * 10-ft radius effect. No damage. Creates 10-ft radius effect just like  
                        "Fog Cloud" spell. Duration: 1 round/level.
   Fast Bombs: Normally, can only throw 1 bomb/round. This allows up to base attack # 
Precise Bombs: Can select number of 5-ft squares about splash radius that bombs will not effect 
               equal to INT mod.
   Delay Bomb: Can create bombs that detonate up to "x" rounds after creation, where x = 
               alchemist level.

Armor: +3 Light Fortification Mithral Chain Shirt

Protective Magic Items:

- Ring of Protection +1 (+1 deflection bonus to AC)
- Cloak of Resistance +2 (+2 to all saves)
- Ring of Force Shield (+2 shield bonus to AC)

Alchemical Items:

- Tanglefoot Bag X 4
- Everburning Torch X 1
- Alchemists Lab

Other Magic Items: **

- Handy Haversack
- Bottle of Air
- Bag of Holding - Type I
- Belt of Incredible DEX+4
- Wind Fan
- Rope of Climbing

Having no desire to pursue the art of wizardry (commonplace in elven society), Silayadrin vowed to make his mark as an outlier of his people. After dabbling in winemaking and some scholarly arcane pursuits, he became a disciple of the alchemical arts. Unfortunately, his elders paired him with the only master alchemist available: a grizzly old dwarf named Beorff Cleavehelm. In addition to Beorff’s prowess with whipping up alchemical items and potions, he loved making bombs and brewing beer. These latter two passions rubbed off on young Silayadrin, as evidenced by the keg and brewmeister kit he carries with him at all times. Silayadrin adventured for some time with several elven heroes, earning more distrust from these comrades as a result of his over-the-top explosions and tactics on the battlefield. His preference of beer over wine also disgusted most of his companions. The elvish council hence decided to use this brash youth as an “emissary” to observe the goings on of the human lands, as events of no small import were unfolding in regions not too terribly far from their forests.

Silayadrin the Stout

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