Return of Ulsorath Characters


Stats should be generated using 15 points in the point buy system laid out in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rule Book.


Classes and prestige classes in the core book are allowed, as well as most 3.5 material. Classes from the final beta version of the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide are also available. Specific classes, races, and/or feats may be allowed, as long as they are not game breaking.


All core races are allowed, as well as Tengu (Kenku) found in the Pathfinder Bestiary, and Catfolk (from 3.5)


Each magic item must be submitted for approval before being purchased.

Starting money above 1st level

Consult the chart “PC Wealth by Level”, selecting the line 4 levels lower than your starting character level

Return of Ulsorath Characters

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